Thursday, 8 March 2012

Beaches (1988)

Rating: 7.1/10

"That's the story of, that's the glory of Love!"

The day requires this specific film. As this is after all the International Woman's Day 2012, I would like to dedicate this film to all women, but mostly to all the Friends out there.

'Beaches' may be considered as a chick flick type of film, but I've always seen it as a buddy-film. Director Garry Marshal is of course known for his romantic comedies such as 'Pretty Woman' but with this film he enthrones the power of surviving friendship through the hardships and adversity.

Of course 'Beaches' follows a rather known pattern of the chick flick and a few melodramatic incidents in the story. Nevertheless it gets its razzle-dazzle from the music, the acting and the moral messages coming through; friendship through anything. What can beat that I ask?

The plot is about a privileged rich debutante and a cynical struggling entertainer, who share a turbulent, but strong childhood friendship over the years. (

It may sound simplistic but the soul and heart that Betty Midler and Barbara Hershey put into this film, into the story in general does not let it be as simplistic as it sounds. They give life to a strong female friendship that is willing to surpass poverty, emancipation, erotic jealousy, career let-downs, adultery and the ultimate challenge of! (I try to keep it spoilers free for those who are unknown to the plot).

Betty Midler, not only fills the screen with her smile, her hilarious lines and her enthusiasm but also her angelic voice entangles every viewer into an emotional journey. Barbara Hershey on the other hand comes to balance Midler with her tranquil and pious character, something that works really well on screen as both actresses know when to complete each other. The chemistry of these two is what makes all the difference.

I can of course sit here and tell you that you'll cry your eyes out and that this is one of the best chick flicks out there, but it would be very erroneous of me to do so. Hence I'll simply leave you to decide based on this song!

Watch this with your bestie (best mate) and feel the appreciation of what a powerful thing long-lasting friendship means.

Dedicated to all the strong-bonded friends out there!

Beaches (1988)

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