Monday, 5 March 2012

Dirty Harry (1971)

Rating: 6.6/10

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

'Dirty Harry' has one of the most well-known catch phrases of all time and one of the most handsome and gifted actor/director/producer of all time; Clint Eastwood.

This film is the considerably pro-type of the cop-movie genre as it had all of the components of being a film that goes against the rules and against the script narrative as one knew it back in the 1970s.

The story talks about "A San Francisco cop with little regard for rules (but who always gets results) tries to track down a serial killer who snipes at random victims." (

Don Siegel directed this film with much zeal and attention especially when it came to the action itself. It is my personal belief that for an action-cop film to work you gotta make it personal. And in my opinion this film didn't.

Albeit a classic, as it's considered nowadays, due its controversial breakage of the visual narrative elements, this film failed to really intrigue me up to a level of actually paying attention to what was going on.

Cling Eastwood was as ever excellent and precise on how he delivered his lines, something which made me wonder how much of what he actually delivered was a way of his own mannerisms and how much was the director's guidance. It felt at times that Eastwood impersonated a character so close to everything else he had performed by that time that he knew exactly on his lines to put emphasis and were to lay off for the action to kick in.

Being very difficult as a viewer when it comes to action-cop films I found this one good in performance but lacking in its story-line. There was of course the usual shooting sequences but as a modern viewer indeed I find all the chasing around a bit unnecessary and excessive.

Music composition did quite the trick as it got you into the feeling of suspense and cinematography, especially for this kind of genre must have been something of a challenge back in the day so in all fairness the crew did a superb job in their execution.

Fans of Eastwood and cop movies will not be disappointed as it does have the old classic sparkle of who-done-the-crime narrative and it pleasures with the righteous cop getting it right at the end.

Dirty Harry (1971)

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